Top 17 Successful rules of trading in stock market


!! RULES OF TRADING in stock market!!

rules of trading in stock market

  • 1. Always use stop loss …never exceed that loss level. If you will avoid stop loss, next day market will avoid you. Never risk more than 10 per cent of your trading capital in a single trade.
  • 2. Always try to build a portfolio.
  • 3. Remember not all shares will be in profit.
  • 4. Intraday investment is like full time job….it can’t be done on part time basis…
  • 5. It is very important to set your target. Booking profits is very important and booking loss at the right time is even more important.
  • 6. For intraday trading Choose highly liquid (high volume) shares.
  • 7. Only invest what you can afford to lose. Never borrow.
  • 8. Don’t fight the market Trend. Always follow market trend.
  • 9. Small is beautiful. Remember 1% per day ends up approximately 300% pa.
  • 10. Trade with a calm mind. Use area and endurance as opposed to emotion and panic. While you lose do not blame it on good fortune. Emotion is the enemy whilst trading. If you don’t exchange your mindset toward market, you’ll get the same results what you are getting now.
  • 11. Never let a profit turn into a loss.
  • 12. Avoid trading during the first 15 minutes of the market open.[it is my personal opinion].
  • 13. Practice paper trading for one to six month before actual trading. Study well about the markets, don’t stop studying else you will lag behind others.
  • 14. Be willing to lose before you can win. Every Loss is markets new lesson to improve your knowledge of market action
  • 15. Find out which events move Markets. The reaction to news is more important than the news itself.
  • 16. Never buy or sell just because the price is low or high.
  • 17. Avoid getting in incorrect and out incorrect; or moving into right and out wrong. That is creating a double mistake.

friends above rules are very well written and , i like the way it written so i am writing same in my blog that my blog reader is also come to know such wonderful rules of trading in stock market.

Source :- Equity King Vivek Joshi


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4 thoughts on “Top 17 Successful rules of trading in stock market

  1. The stock market is something I’ve always found to be really interesting. I like the advice to follow, not fight, the trend. It’s simple but it’s usually the simplest item that makes the biggest difference.

  2. Make money from stock market is really risky I am beginner in stock market investment. And this blog is the one which helps me a lot. Thanks for sharing important discussion about stock trading this is really helpful.

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